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Welcome to Pagan Frontiers of London. We are a FREE non-affiliated Community Website. We promote & publicise  Open rituals & groups, Pagan moots &  Socials, Conferences, Esoteric shops, Holistic services and more. New features, videos, relevant blogs, eco-campaigns and more items are being added regularly. It’s  a Pagan Portal  that is ever evolving.. and we welcome your visits &  contributions.  Please note- all links (except to sister sites) open in a pop-up window.

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* Druid Ritual,    *Hern’s Tribe  Ritual   *Pagan Federation Ritual *Wicca Rituals in London
Our Meetup -London Woodland Wiccans & Outdoor pagans

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International Peace Day event -21sept2104

World Animal day 4Oct14

October Plenty 2014 -sm

PFF Samhain Celebrations 2014

River Thames Halloween Ritual -31Oct2014

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Beltane Fire Festival Ediburgh -Nudity

Invocation to Cernunnos

Spring Goddess invocation


London Pagan Parade

Wand- Fire consecration

Make a Withcy Broom

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Atlantis Occult shop London
Treadwells Books
Spirit of Isis
Atlantis spiritual centre - Enfield
Clearly Destiny - Euston London

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