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Welcome to Pagan Frontiers of London. We are a FREE non-affiliated Community Website. We promote & publicise  Open rituals & groups, Pagan moots &  Socials, Conferences, Esoteric shops, Holistic services and more. New features, videos,  blogs, eco-campaigns and more items are added regularly. We welcome your  contributions.   

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Pagan Federation
Fellowship of Isis
Witchfest & Children of Artemis
Centre for Pagan Studies
Pagan FutureFests

Pagan Blogs

roseDixon blog - psychic
Quantum Phoenix - science & magic blog1
bag witchs blog

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Open Seasonal Rituals in London

Earth Hour 2015 Candle-lit ceremony in London StJames Park
Woodland Witches & Wiccans -Monthly full  moon Rituals in  London 2015
Earth Day - Ceremony & picnic in London 19th April Greenwich park
Pagan Fed London rituals
Pagan Federation: London  Indoor Ritual
Woodland Beltane 2015
Hern’s Tribe Beltane at Trent Park- sat 2nd May 2015 -all welcome
loose association of druids MN pic
Druid Outdoor Spring Ritual - Sunday 22nd March at Primrose Hill

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Pagan Moots & Socials

Pagan Moots are regular (monthly) socials held in pubs, coffee shops or other public venues. Some consist of talks by established Pagans , authors and other experts. At moots, newcomers have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other pagans and network!  Below is a selection.

 Magazines & Radio

Visit our features on Pagan & Esoteric Magazines by Gaian Times, Pagan Federation, Psychic Oracle..

Pagan Radio (UK) Logo
Pagan Radio- free onlne to listen



Esoteric Shops

Atlantis Occult shop London
Treadwells Books
Spirit of Isis
Atlantis spiritual centre - Enfield
Clearly Destiny - Euston London

 Esoteric Blogs




Visit our features on e-Books written and published by fellow pagans. Most are available from Amazon Kindle, or via the respective Authors’ own websites
Coven Guide to becoming an initiated Witch (c) MN2014-sm

e-Witch Course

Wicca & Witchcraft Training Course (self study). Download the modules and study at your own pace. Info, Rituals, making tools, exercises, Transpersonal psychology..and more.
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