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Welcome to Pagan Frontiers of London. You will find information on all the major Open rituals, Ritual groups, Pub moots & pagan  Socials, Conferences, Esoteric / Occult shops, Holistic services and more. . In addition new features, videos, relevant blogs, eco-campaigns and more items are being added regularly. It’s  a Pagan Portal  that never sleeps, and is always evolving.. and we welcome your additions, news & contributions.   Established around Samhain  2005, we have been promoting & serving all Pagans in (and outside) London. Thank you for your regular visit.

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Pagan Fed London rituals
Druid Open Rituals - London Primrose Hill
Magical Bookshop - pagan frontiers feature

How to do Eclipse Magic - Beginners Guide (Free Book)


 There is an annular Solar Eclipse - coming up on 29th April’14.   Get Free Eclipse Magic e-Training & Book. You can still get ready by 29th work magic at that Solar Eclipse!!

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