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blog Invoking pentagrams in Wicca
Element Invoking Pentagrams

Sigil magic with ArchAngels
blog Writing sigils for Archangels

blog Retrograde planets in 2015
Retrograde planets 2015
Welcome to Pagan Frontiers of London. We are a FREE non-affiliated Community Website. We promote & publicise  Open rituals & groups, Pagan moots &  Socials, Conferences, Esoteric shops, Holistic services and more. New features, videos,  blogs, eco-campaigns and more items are added regularly. We welcome your  contributions.  

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Open Rituals in London 


Open Rituals - Pagan Frontiers of London 2015
Festivals & Conferences - Pagan frontiers 2015


Here are a selection of Open Rituals  taking place in the coming months.  Some take place indoors, while others are in held in public woodlands & parks.

  • Pagan Federation: London   Beltane Ritual  30 April’15
  • Outdoor  Beltane  in Croydon Woods- sat 2nd May 2015 -
  • Druid Outdoor  Ritual - at Primrose Hill - Sunday 3rd May’15
  • Full Moon Wiccan Esbats & New Moon Apprentice Circles in London.

Read FULL details in our Open Rituals page and Events & Socialas


  • London Pagan Camp - 19-21 June (Epping) tbc
  • Pagan Federation London Conference - 27th June
  • Pagan Pride Parade (London) - TBC- 28th June 2015
  • Pan’s Picnic & Harvest Ceremony - 1st August.
Beltane Pagan Federation London 2015
Beltane in the park - Herns Tribe 2May2015
Woodland Witches & Wiccans -Monthly full  moon Rituals in  London 2015
Druid Rituals 2015 at Primrose Hill

About Paganism & Magic

Study Courses & Workshops

About Paganism & Magic - Pagan frontiers 2015Learn quickly about Paganism & Pagan 8-fold Festivals (Sabaths); What is Ritual Magic? Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft;  What about Sexual Polarity? And do Pagans worship the Devil?

Put your fears to rest ..quickly!

Study Courses & Workshops - Pagan frontiers 2015Latest Courses & workshops on a variety of topics- facilitated by trusted &  experienced Pagan Teachers.  Usually held in hired rooms, Bookshop & venues in London. Also read about online e-Witch Courses, and outdoor workshops on Practical Magic.

Ritual  Groups

 Join Our Meetup

Ritual & Magical Groups - Pagan Frontiers 2015London has a thriving number of private & open Magical Groups. These groups meet regularly - indoors and outdoors for ceremonies.

Read about Ritual groups

Join our Meetup - London Woodland Witches Wiccans & Outdoor PagansJoin our Meetup Group  `London Woodland Witches, Wicacs, Eco-Magicians & Outdoor Pagans’ (free) and keep up to date with all the  Rituals organised by members of Pagan Frontiers of London.  Rituals, Socials, Ceremonies, Picnics, Pagan Camp - all in London, and trips to Festivals and more..

visit London Woodland witches & pagans

Pagan Moots & Socials

Pagan Organisations

Moots & Socials - Pagan frontiers 2015Pagan Moots are regular (monthly) socials held in pubs, coffee shops or other public venues. Some consist of talks by established Pagans , authors and other experts. At moots, newcomers have the opportunity to meet and socialise with other pagans and network.


Pagan Organisations - pagan frontiers 2015Many Organisations have been established in the UK over the decades, with The Pagan Federation (est 1971), . Read our features  about them in our community section, and find contact details.


 Bookshops & Centres

Pagan Magazines

Bookshops & spiritual centres- Pagan frontiers 2015Visit our features on Esoteric Bookshops in London, such as Atlantis Bookshop, Treadwells and more. Many of the, also provide room hires, talks & workshops, healing sessions & therapies as well as esoteric items for purchase

Magazines - Pagan frontiers 2015Visit our features on Magazines. Some are free to read online as e-Magazines,  whilst others are published quarterly by organizations in print. 

Holistic Services

Esoteric Books & e-Books

Holistic Services - Pagan Frontiers of London 2015We feature Holistic & Therapeutic Services offered by qualified Counselling professionals, who are either Pagan or Pagan-friendly, so that you can freely discuss Pagan  or Magical related issues (still within a formal Counselling context). Hypnotherapy, Food Disorders, Energy Balance and more.  If you are a qualified Professional, contact us with proof and we will add your services here for free.

Books & eBooks v2 - Pagan frontiers 2015Visit our features on e-Books written and published by fellow pagans in recent years, covering subject matters relevant to the current seekers. Most books are available from Amazon Kindle, or via the respective Authors’ own websites

Watch Videos  on our youtube channel.

Beltane Fire Festival Ediburgh -Nudity
Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh (nudity involved)
London Pagan Parade
Video: Pagan Pride Parade in London 2011
Invocation to Cernunnos
Video: Invocation to Horned God- Hour of the Ram
Spring Goddess invocation
Video: Spring Goddess invocation with a Priestess.



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